Shortest Short

I’m finding that short stories are a good way to keep my juices flowing. This was submitted to The theme of the call was “werewolves” and restricted, as per their format, to a one-word title and a one hundred word story, in this case, all dialog.


Lord priest was older. The other, more grizzled.
“And so, priest you think my kind is devil spawn. But, we are of the same coin.”
“How so, Lycaon?”
“You save souls in this life, as do I. We are in the same salvation business, true?
“Of course not. You are the underworld. I am a servant of light.”
“If you do your job, they will see the light?”
“If I do mine, they will see it sooner.”
“Less demented to suffer daily?”
“I give them hope.”
“I give them terror: and release. Who is the better at salvation?”

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