Work in Progress

The Madness of Ambrose Bright

Book one of a trilogy

Chapter one,                                     “Ambrose”

Madness is personal, specific. Regardless of the source, the vector, the pathology, it is personal. Treat the symptoms with your pharmacopeia and your insurance approved therapies if you will. But madness is personal.

The new blade pulled through his beard. The scraping sounds only slightly louder than the run of hot water in the basin, the tingling pain of the steel gripping the stubble not totally unpleasant. A renewal of sorts, a splitting of the chrysalis after months of a fevered hibernation. The ink staining his fingers had been scrubbed away, the cuticles cleaned. He toweled the fog from the mirror. The bags under his eyes seemed to be pulling back and the younger paper warrior was returning.

The story of a young graphic artist who finds himself at an archeological dig in Mexico where he finds love, a new purpose in life and blood-thirsty exiles from another universe. This is part one of a trilogy. The book is at the editor now being prepared for presentation.


Chapter One

He was rumpled. Like a white shirt at the bottom of a suitcase. The trip from Los Angeles hadn’t been easy on the old guy. Coach seating and no food had spindled McNamara like a laundry ticket. It was the first time she met him. They were in the Director’s office, and she wasn’t impressed.

The Director pushed back from his oak desk as a cue that he was ready to wrap up this preliminary meeting, “Mac, why don’t you go back to the hotel and get some sleep. You look like hell.”  Director Meisner wasn’t necessarily being kind-hearted, just liability adverse. McNamara Rosario had a reputation for a fast fuse– even faster when he was bagged–and he was two weeks from retirement with a short timer’s attitude showing through the lines in his face.

Agent McNamara Rosario is probably on his last case, a seventy-two-year-old whose retirement would have been earlier if he hadn’t been so good at his specialty. Mac pairs up with Agent Poynter, a rookie AI, a female clerk, and specialist in ballistics. The unlikely pair need to find a sniper before more die.

(AI=artificial intelligence, a “robot”)