The Pot Series

Over the course of a few years, I had explored variations in an iconic pot form, The originals are oil on Arches paper. I will make them available soon.

“Brush Line” A simple rendition of the form. Both the positive stroke of the brush and the negative space it surrounds interested me.

“Gray Ghostie” Heavy impasto to “shape” the pot. When I first moved to Prescott, I was a potter. Moving the paint around on this painting was close to handling wet clay.

“Brooding” Can pots/paintings be moody? Warm dark colors hide and enhance at the same time.

“Desert Patina” As in other landscape work, the desert shades seem to show up.

“Mondrian’s Pot” If Mondrian had a pot.

“Circus Tent” The stripes remind me of the time that the circus was “under the big top.” Canvas instead of stadium concrete.

“Blue Pot” Like a planet far away.

“Sand Storm” The green planet being subsumed by the desert windblown sand.

“Crack’d Pot” Sorry, I dropped it.

“Red Pot” Yes, there is a face.

“Spotted Pot” One of the few with a design.

“Trees before the Sun”