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The Ruskies are coming –again

National Security vs Home Security.

While the national security agencies and Trump argue over whether the Russians have and are continue to interfere with our country’s politics (and they have and continue to do so), I have had my own international intrusions. 

On multiple days this week outside entities have tried to change my website password and have tried to hack into the website in general. WordPress security has notified me of the password change attempts (not successful) and I have installed greater security within my webpages to thwart them Ruskies. How do I know they’re from Russia? Because the security program also tracks IP addresses for me. And yes they’re from Moscow et al.

Sooooo. A). hackers, Russian hackers are messin’ with American assets, Mr. Trump and B). if I can do something (with frankly very little effort) why can’t the national security boys? Answer, they can but not so DT will acknowledge. What a maroon!