He saw everything

The gyrations of the stock market

The spots on the next card. He

Was wildly wealthy and clear-skinned.


She was opaque

Vault doors were merely transparent

Beside her. She was the eponymous Security and

She had no need to open.


They were oil and water

Ships passing in the night

Fire and water were more kindred spirits. They

Were in love.


The day had to come

It was a destiny, an inevitable occurrence.

A tap on the finger, a look in the eye and

He stole a look.


She denied. Knots tightening

His gordian purpose blunted, rebuffed

Promise broken, she, Medusa-like, froze his soul

With her own inspection.


He now saw less, she now more vulnerable

They stayed together for the sake of the children

A vast space, a sigil of that moment, replaced the