Sculptures and Ceramics

When I retired from twenty-plus years in finance I moved to Prescott Arizona and took up ceramics. I joined the local Coop and found I had a love of storytelling. These are a few examples of the many created during that period.

“Monument Valley” The red rocks and monuments of Arizona are like weathered old friends.

“Point of Rocks” Peavine Trail, Prescott, Arizona. The railroad ran by these volcanic granite cliffs on its way to Prescott.

“Toto” I did a series of story telly sculptures. This one about Dorothy’s little mutt, Toto.

“Ice Flow Cuisine” Poor little penguins.

Untitled, Not all abstractions are on canvas or paper.

“Big Fish” A recent work from a twenty-year-old pine stump pulled from our property


“Little House in the City” From an urban legend about a couple who wouldn’t sell out to a big developer.

“Red Rising” I even worked in fiberglass, once, This was eight feet tall. Fiberglass and resin over paperboard frame.

Several “thrown” sculptures with crystaline glazes and copper/iron trees.

“Mittens” Monument Valley

“Story Teller”