The places we live make their mark on us in many ways. We interpret our surroundings with the colors of our souls.

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“Maelstrom” Sometimes the world you create is greater than even your imagination.

“Big Sky” The Southwest is a place of bright skies and vibrant colors.

“Grand Canyon” A wide-open sky meets one of nature’s wonders.

“The Butte” Living less than a mile east of Prescott’s most notable landmark I have many opportunities to see the butte in all its variations.

“Red Sky” The sky does really dominate in the high desert and the colors are not to be missed, even if they are in the painter’s eye.

“Thumb Butte”

“The Long Ride” The horizon looks to be a far off place at the end of a long trail.

“Night Butte”

“Angry Sky” Towards the Mingus Mountains.

“Tree Fall” We live in the pines of central Arizona and so…

“Yellow Sky” The sky seems determined to push against the blue hills, but it’s being ignored.

“Milton” Maps are fascinating. A gridwork to places I’ve never been but still imagine what I might see.

“The Red Hills” Our landscapes are filled with colors and sometimes the setting sun puts them to blaze.