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Feb 12th ’21

Making art, being engaged with the making, is an important part of my everyday. Admittedly it is a refuge but it is also a practice I depend on. Mark making, pushing paint around with a brush or knife, walking back, and being critical of the canvas and the next act are singular acts that weave themselves into my daily life. I gladly trade the frustrations engendered by the politics of the day with the frustrations of painting. I can work through an incalcitrant passage of an image. I can work through the paint to a resolution or at least I can see the path, the process, the inter-relationships. The making of a painting, the process, is what Art is to me.

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Turning on Lights

Feb 7 ’21.

Admittedly, I’m a skeptic when it comes to offers of help that are offered to the creative community. There is no lack of marketing programs, apps, website creation tools, or instructional seminar vendors out there willing to trade their expertise for your dollars. As I said, after a thirty plus year career in corporate America, I’m a skeptic. So, when I do see or hear of something that strikes me as helpful to creatives, I need to give a shout out.

Jordan Harbinger hosted a podcast recently featuring Seth Godin that spoke to me as plain talk about being an artist, a creative, an entrepreneur. One of the many takeaways was this: “turn on lights where there weren’t lights before.”
Don’t give the market what it demands, offer it something unique, special, specific to you. That’s tough. It means to be honest to your own vision and that’s daunting if you’re working for the next buck or like or follower’s comment. But I take it to heart. Turn on those lights.
You can see the podcast here on YouTube. Please take a look yourself.