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Landscape studies

The landscape is my current focus of painting exercises. As I explore the painting methods I am trying to mashup different paint techniques to produce images.


glassford caldera 2014
Glassford Caldera


Glassford Caldera is a “pour painting” Acrylic enamel is poured onto the prepped canvas and the melded colors moved and manipulated by tilting the canvas. The intent is to activate the Pareidolia effect in the viewer. Glassford Caldera has no further painting techniques and is just a pure pour image. “Glassford Caldera” refers to the remains of the Glassford volcano in Prescott Valley.




landscape 2014 red
Landscape 2014 Red


Landscape 2014 Red Acryllic on canvas is a brush painting where the color is the most important attribute. The red sky, unreal and threatening is an abstraction of anxiety over a bucolic landscape.








landscape 2014 e
landscape 2014 e



“Landscape 2014 e” is a pallete knife exercise is a very loose style. Begun as a ground to another painting I decided its strong marks were satisfying on their own. Loose, ambiguous but certainly enough content to read as a landscape.