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To Jibe means to agree, as one definition. In sailing it’s also the opposite of ‘tack’ in which you go across the wind rather than jibe, go with the wind. This piece was submitted to the PWP, Professional Writers of

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Shortest Short

I’m finding that short stories are a good way to keep my juices flowing. This was submitted to The theme of the call was “werewolves” and restricted, as per their format, to a one-word title and a one hundred

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The Ruskies are coming –again

National Security vs Home Security. While the national security agencies and Trump argue over whether the Russians have and are continue to interfere with our country’s politics (and they have and continue to do so), I have had my own

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New Theme, New Format


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Self Publishing

What a hoot!   Publishing the mush between your ears is now easier than EVER! There are many sites to self-publish, some simple, some grandiose. I’ve chosen and frankly it’s dangerous. I can spread my babble in multiple ways.

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The Wisdom of Buffoons

  Jan Matejko, Poland 1893 The wisdom of buffoons, the disgraced, the outrageous and those just out in left field. Creative people should learn early on that inspiration or personal direction rarely comes from expected sources. Academia gives us tools,

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Landscape studies

The landscape is my current focus of painting exercises. As I explore the painting methods I am trying to mashup different paint techniques to produce images.     Glassford Caldera is a “pour painting” Acrylic enamel is poured onto the

Nunc Coepii, ??

With a new version of an old site I am once again beginning again, or as a latin phrase I learned in high school “NUNC COEPII”. Literally, “Now I Begin” Some renewals are the end of one thing and the

Refresh in process

A Refresh is in the works. Patience please.