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To Jibe means to agree, as one definition. In sailing it’s also the opposite of ‘tack’ in which you go across the wind rather than jibe, go with the wind. This piece was submitted to the PWP, Professional Writers of Prescott group of which I am a member. Will be part of 2018 Anthology. Late in the process, a request was made for more short stories that could fit on one page (<450 words), a printing accommodation.


He was reasonably sure that his look of concern and husbandly demeanor was convincing. Her doctor was going on about the test they were running, and he hung on the doctor’s every word, nodding at this suggestion, pursing his lips at this medical conclusion. But he already knew the outcome or the hoped-for one.

A quarter tablet every three days he was told. The poison would build up doing its damage slowly, inexorably. Any greater dose and she would still be dead, but the molecules would pool in her organs and be detected. He had been assured, promised, that it would be undetectable, untraceable but more importantly, effective. And it seemingly was, he still had two tablets left.

The doctor went on. The liver, the kidneys, both were failing. Time was short, treatment options exhausted. Needed to find a cause. But the faithful husband knew there would be no discovery, couldn’t be any discovery; ever.

It was late. She was sedated. He told the nurse he needed to go home for a few hours but would return to his wife’s bedside that night. Would someone be here to let him into the hospital? Yes, the guard in the emergency lobby would let him in. Gratitude exuded from the obviously exhausted husband.

He showered and pulled on a pair of slacks and a tee-shirt. He had skipped lunch and dinner to make a showing at his wife’s bedside; his stomach rumbled a bit. He could grab something out of the fridge before returning his vigil, unless, of course, they called.

He was particular in what he ate: she was not. It showed. She had let herself go, at least to his standards. He was still trim at sixty-seven, an enviable physique, a well-maintained body. She was ‘relaxed’ she would say.

He thought of the kitchen as two camps in a war zone; his was a Spartan’s field, hers was a Bacchus’ trough. He opened the refrigerator door and pulled a glass carafe of power drink. He closed the door and gulped down the whole container, almost greedily, eyes closed. When he opened his eyes to watch the last drops slip from its lip to his, he noticed a small note stuck to the bottom.

Her handwriting, ’Sorry dear.’ A moment’s pause. A cramp, a churning and nausea. His eyes opened wide. He dropped the carafe and spun through to the living room, then to his office at the further end of the house. He yanked open the desk drawer, and an empty bottle rattled around like the tail of a snake. And another note, ‘Sorry dear.’

Shortest Short

I’m finding that short stories are a good way to keep my juices flowing. This was submitted to The theme of the call was “werewolves” and restricted, as per their format, to a one-word title and a one hundred word story, in this case, all dialog.


Lord priest was older. The other, more grizzled.
“And so, priest you think my kind is devil spawn. But, we are of the same coin.”
“How so, Lycaon?”
“You save souls in this life, as do I. We are in the same salvation business, true?
“Of course not. You are the underworld. I am a servant of light.”
“If you do your job, they will see the light?”
“If I do mine, they will see it sooner.”
“Less demented to suffer daily?”
“I give them hope.”
“I give them terror: and release. Who is the better at salvation?”

The Ruskies are coming –again

National Security vs Home Security.

While the national security agencies and Trump argue over whether the Russians have and are continue to interfere with our country’s politics (and they have and continue to do so), I have had my own international intrusions. 

On multiple days this week outside entities have tried to change my website password and have tried to hack into the website in general. WordPress security has notified me of the password change attempts (not successful) and I have installed greater security within my webpages to thwart them Ruskies. How do I know they’re from Russia? Because the security program also tracks IP addresses for me. And yes they’re from Moscow et al.

Sooooo. A). hackers, Russian hackers are messin’ with American assets, Mr. Trump and B). if I can do something (with frankly very little effort) why can’t the national security boys? Answer, they can but not so DT will acknowledge. What a maroon!

New Theme, New Format

New work in progress.

Ambrose Bright


Madness is personal, specific. Regardless of the source, the vector, the pathology, it is personal. Treat the symptoms with your pharmacopeia and your insurance approved therapies if you will. But madness is personal.
Chapter one:

The new blade pulled through his beard. The scraping sounds only slightly louder than the run of hot water in the basin, the tingling pain of the steel gripping the stubble was not totally unpleasant. A renewal of sorts, a splitting of the chrysalis after months of fevered hibernation. The ink staining his fingers had been scrubbed away, the cuticles cleaned. He toweled the fog from the mirror. The bags under his eyes seemed less full and a returning younger man was emerging.

Of gods and bots
Chapter One

He was rumpled. Like a white shirt at the bottom of a suitcase. The trip from Los Angeles hadn’t been easy on the old guy. Coach seating and no food had spindled McNamara like a laundry ticket. It was the first time she met him. They were in the Director’s office, and she wasn’t impressed.






  1. the state of being involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing. At least 17 adults and teenagers are dead after a 19-year-old suspect opened fire at a high school in Parkland, Florida, police said Wednesday. The shooting is now among the 10 deadliest in modern U.S. history.

    Thoughts and Prayers and NRA Funding.

artificial intelligence

1a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers2the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior


Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told the Senate intelligence committee that Moscow viewed its attack on the 2016 election as decidedly worthwhile given the chaos it has sown compared with its relatively low cost.

“There should be no doubt that Russia perceived that its past efforts as successful and views the 2018 U.S. midterm elections as a potential target for Russian midterm operations,” Coats said.

Off to the editor

I have sent my newest book, “The Madness of Ambrose Bright” off to an editor here in town. Micki Shelton is a local writer, theater entrepreneur, producer and professional editor. I am anxious to see her assessment and the necessary changes she suggests.

An excerpt of the book is at the tab WIP.  I’m going to work the photo above as a painting for a possible cover. Who knows?

In the mean-time, I have started a new project, “MisDirected” as the working title.  See WIP as well